Freemasonry in Tenbury Wells

Charities supported by The Lodge of St Michael 1097

Every Autumn the Lodge hosts a Charity Give-Away evening where cheques are awarded to deserving local charities.

Over the past 2 years over £6300 has been given to the Charities listed below.

On Friday 22nd November 2019, the following local charities received cheques.

  • Worcestershire Guide Association
  • 1st Tenbury Scout Group
  • Tenbury High Ormiston Academy
  • The Teenage Choir
  • Midlands Air Ambulance
  • N.I.L.S.
  • Tenbury Town Council
  • Millennium Orchard
  • Onside independent Advocacy
  • First Responders
  • Kyre Riding for the Disabled
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Tenbury Chamber of Trade (Lights)
  • Grand Charity

On 25th October 1918, the following local charities received Cheques

  • Midland Air Ambulance
  • NILS
  • C.A.B.
  • Chamber of Trade (Lights)
  • Alzheimer’s Society
  • Riding for the disabled
  • First Responders
  • Tenbury Food Bank
  • Tenbury Primary School
  • Tenbury Ormison Academy
  • Millenium Orchard
  • Burford Pre-School
  • Tenbury Scout Group
  • Tenbury docs. (Blood Monitors)
  • Tenbury Mayor’s Charity
  • Province 2022 Festival

The Lodge of St Michael 1097

Founded 21st April 1866